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Pailin Postal Code 2021

Pailin postal code is a series of digits, included in a postal address of the areas in Pailin province for the purpose of sorting mail by Phnom Penh post office and logistic companies.

Sala Krau District (ស្រុកសាលាក្រៅ)

1Sala Krau Communeឃុំ សាលាក្រៅ230101
2Stueng Trang Communeឃុំ ស្ទឹងត្រង់230102
3Stueng Kach Communeឃុំ ស្ទឹងកាច់230103
4Ou Andoung Communeឃុំ អូរអណ្ដូង230104

Krong Pailin (ក្រុងប៉ៃលិន)

1Sangkat Pailinសង្កាត់ ប៉ៃលិន230201
2Sangkat Ou Ta Vauសង្កាត់ អូរតាវ៉ៅ230202
3Sangkat Tuol Lveaសង្កាត់ ទួលល្វា230203
4Sangkat Bar Yakhaសង្កាត់ បរយ៉ាខា230204

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